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for not so vile that on the earth doth live but to the earth some special good doth give April 29, 2010

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Earth Day was April 22nd. And it was a success. I started the morning by going to the kindergarden and talking to them about earth day. Then we drew flowers and trees. It was adorable, as usual. When that was over, I went to the secondary school to kick off our activities for the day. We started with a talk about how important it is to protect the environment – how they are living global climate change, with lighter rainy seasons, hotter days, and melting glaciers. They got surprisingly excited about it – how they are the future of the world!
We then moved on to the next activity for the day, which involved each student and teacher writing a message to the world. They would then come up to me, read it out loud, get a sticker, and we would post the message on a huge plywood circle I had painted green for the occasion. By the time we were done, both sides of the circle were covered with the kids’ messages to the world.
Then we started the competition. The primary school kids had to draw something relating to earth day or saving the environment. The secondary school kids had to come up with at least 5 ways in which they can change behaviors to treat the earth better. As always, activities such as these yield both amazing and ridiculous results. My favorite from the primary school was a world with a bunch of violent scribbles in it. When I asked the little boy what it was supposed to be, he looked up at me with his innocent 7 year old eyes and said, simple, “the world in destruction”. Amazing. And my favorite way to “save the world” from the secondary school – simple: make all the gringos disappear. Awesome.
While a few of the teachers, the director, and I, were going through the entries trying to choose a winner, the kids watched a video about the various micro-climates in the world. With that, ended the school day.
I had planned to give a charla and show a movie for the community later in the evening with the parkguards, but they decided to not be in town. At all. So that didn’t happen. Regardless, the day was a success and by the end of it, at least everyone knew it was earth day!
I’m starting to fall into more of a routine at the school, getting to know all of the new teachers, so that feels good.
Also, I was chosen to be point person for the reserve for PEPFAR. For now, that will involve going to the meeting in Lima in July with a few people from my community. Hopefully, I can get the other volunteers excited about it too, so I’m not the only one doing HIV prevention work in my town. More on that later.
Hope everyone had a happy earth day!


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